Photo of Tyson Veen - 2010Welcome to CollectorGEEK,
My name is Tyson and I'm a collector geek! This is my website of my various collectibles. Some are old, some are new. Others have been modified or created from scratch. You will be able to purchase some of the items and others you can submit a request to buy and I will think about it. The collectibles I show and or promote via the website are things that interest me and if your interested you can preorder the newer collectables via our on-line catalog. A little background on me is that I am the President and CEO of TYCOMM.NET COMPANY which is a professional website development and design company. I will be using this website to showcase TYCOMM.NET's website development and design abilities along with my photography and other design and fabrication skills. The website is fully scalable up to 4K which will allow me to present spectacular photos and videos of my collection (current photo not 4K or very good quality and will be updated soon). Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us about any of the items you see on the website or if you wish to start your own website.

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